Our Lecture Rooms

Our comfortable lecture rooms, situated within the heart of the stadium, create a professional learning environment for our students. *

Our focus is to provide every individual with the necessary skills and attributes to perform at their optimum.

 Courses offered include:

• Basic Rugby/Soccer/Referee Certificate

• Higher Certificate in Sports, Recreation and Fitness Management
   Conducted by eta College

• Higher Certificate in Fitness
    Conducted by eta College

• Bachelor of Commerce Degree (BCOM)
    IMM Graduate School

• Bachelor of Business Administration Degree (BBA)
    IMM Graduate School

• Higher Certificate in Marketing
    IMM Graduate School

• Higher Certificate in Export Management
    IMM Graduate School

• Diploma in Sport & Exercise
    ETA College

• Diploma in Sport & Recreation Management
    ETA College

• Men and Ladies Soccer Certificate

• Bachelor of Education in Intermediate Phase Teaching Degree
    Embury Institute for Higher Education

• Gap Year Programme

*Sharks Academy Lecture rooms are used for students due to their training schedule, however, assessments and other academic resources are provided on each academic providers campus as that is where students are registered